Ozone Therapy – What Is It and How Effective?


Ozone, or, triatomic oxygen, is an oxygen carrying compound and is chemically known as O3. In the beginning of 1900’s Germany was the only country in the world that used ozone in a sewage treatment facility. This, of course, has become the benchmark for sewage treatment worldwide. Ozone is very energetic, safe and perceived as most efficient in the treatment of degenerative ailments, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and even HIV and AIDS.

The reaction between oxygen atom (O) and molecular oxygen (O2) produces Ozone (O3). It’s bactericidal (any agent which destroys bacteria), fungicidal (any agent which destroys fungi), and Viricidal (an agent lethal to a virus) properties are perceived to be exceptional and therefore Ozone has been inducted into healing therapies world over. According to Dr. Stanley Bayerle, a physician from the Naturopathic system and a most knowledgeable one in Ozone therapy says: “…Systematically it oxidizes organic compounds. Topically, it can be used to treat burns. Ozone has haemostatic effects that stop bleeding. It accelerates wound healing, induces enzyme production, and activates immune system response. It is also believed that Ozone may have the ability to peroxidize lipids (break up fats)…” [Advancement in Medicine, 1998. – Gary Null interview with Dr. Stanley Bayerle – 2/23/95].

The existing system of Ozone therapy utilizes a combination of both ozone and oxygen in predetermined dosages. It is used to treat wounds, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, even AIDS. It is a proven success in the treatment of various types of hepatitis, bladder ailments, allergies, herpes, respiratory ailments, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, venereal diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

Ozone mainly stimulates the blood production, especially the white blood cells. This gives effect to an increase in the production of “interferon”, which is nothing but a protein effective against certain viruses. When a virus infects a cell it immediately triggers off the cells production of “interferon”. This then interacts with the cells in the surrounding area and makes them resistant to virus attacks. This is how ozone guards your body from infections or virus attacks.

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